A podcast about all the obsessions, hobbies, crafts, lifestyles, and time sinks that we never knew existed until the internet told us so. 



Look for the rest of Season 1 coming soon!

Ep3: Plectrums

Ep4: Planners

Ep5: Wool Dying

Ep6: Vintage Video Game Music


Who's making this nonsense? 

Andy Tibbs is a data scientist and jack of all trades whose wanderlust has been trapped in the internet ever since middle age set in. 

Follow Andy @biosplonk on Instagram for fun family photography and more. 

Dave Leary is a copywriter in the music technology space with a background in radio production and a deep love of all things genrefied. 

Follow Dave @freetoaster on Instagram or visit www.FreeToasterMedia.com for more shenanigans.