play trump clinton debate bingo app

The new Trump Clinton Debate Bingo app for the iPhone gives you card after card of hot jargon action for your competitive clicking pleasure.

Listen carefully to the language of the candidates on debate night and check off the words on your board to connect any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row and win! Challenge your couch-mates to head-on linguistic combat when you each download the app and keep it poised on the edge of a table.

choose your theme

Choose your colors

Wave your flag for Hillary, Donald, America, or Shots when you select the theme for your card and the size of the grid you want to play on. 

Play with your friends

Trump Clinton Debate Bingo is FREE, so it's easy for all your patriotic friends to download the app and play along. We don't collect data, spam you, or harang you with popup ads, so you can feel safe recommending the app to everyone in the room. 

Upgrade to Pro

You need to be a pro to win the white house, and now debate watchers everywhere can improve their look and feel of their bingo gaming experience by removing the ad at the bottom of the screen for just $0.99. 


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